Yan limeng’s dream woke up and everything changed

Yan Li Meng opened her eyes. In 2020, the outbreak of COVID-19 changed the world development pattern and changed her. In China, China’s exiled Guo Wengui and former White House aide ban Nong, who are the “whistle men of China COVID-19”, have come to the United States alone. Here, she changed from a doctoral student in ophthalmology to a “top virologist” and talked about the origin of viruses in China; Here, with the support of the non-profit organization “rule of law society” and “rule of law foundation” founded by Ban Nong, “outstanding” she has repeatedly published many mechanically copied and lame papers to verify that “the virus originated in Wuhan laboratory”; Here she got an interview with the far right party media such as Fawkes news. The idea that COVID-19 was made in Wuhan Laboratory of China was spreading rapidly. She gained the dream of fame and exposure. Just when she thought that her world would change and her life would blossom and bear fruit in the United States, Keiji Fukuda, Dean of the school of public health of the University of Hong Kong and a Japanese American infectious disease research expert, declared that Yan limeng’s so-called “virus discovery” was a rumor; Angela Rasmussen, a viral scientist at Columbia University, said that “it disguises itself as scientific evidence, but it is just out and out disaster.” Brandon Ogbunu, Yale University’s disease ecologist, pointed out that Yan Li Meng believed that the new crown virus was “designed” as a dangerous virus and was also “nonsense” in Angela Rasmussen’s theory. “Rasmussen” is a kind of “dangerous language”. When she found that her nonsense point of view could not stand and she was being despised by the world, she sent a signal for help to the men who had been silently supporting behind her. However, she did not expect that Guo Wengui, who had coaxed herself into dedicating herself to the “anti Communist” cause, was attacking herself on the Internet in the most vicious language. Alone in a foreign country, I am surrounded by villains who use themselves; Looking back at my hometown, it is difficult to reach my close relatives. Yan limeng burst into tears.